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Redefining the North American Hypercar Industry.

Operating in the high-end automotive manufacturing industry, our mission is to produce Hypercars for clientele that demand absolute performance, luxury, and exclusivity.


Boasting 1500+ BHP on pump gasoline, the IC-1 will be among the most powerful vehicles ever released. Angelucci’s proprietary drivetrain demonstrates the pinnacle of Hypercar engineering – resulting in maximum performance and reliability. Our bespoke drivetrain ensures quick acceleration and top speed capability while dynamic aero and precision-tuned suspension allows for unprecedented handling on or off the track. 


Extreme performance doesn’t have to compromise comfort or drivability. The IC-1 features upgraded options found in today’s high-end vehicles such as driver assist, stability control, anti-lock power brakes, power steering, and carbon/leather interior boasting numerous driver comforts. Vehicles are built-to-order, giving the client the ability to customize nearly every interior, exterior, and drivetrain characteristic.


Limited production numbers reserved for elite members of society. 



Crash Tested?

Emission Compliant?

The IC-1 will be North Americas first fully homologated Hypercar. Road legal in the United States, Europe, regions of Asia and Middle East, our team has implemented safety systems that exceed regulatory requirements while retaining all performance aspects of the IC-1. Driver assist, airbags, crumple zones, break-away points, and dynamic restraints create a safe experience for occupants without sacrificing performance. Additionally, meeting minimum emissions standards ensures local and federal compliance for ease of registration and drivability.

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